Customer Testimonials


We're so grateful to Sun Custom Homes for turning our dream home into reality.  For years we toured many parade homes, gathering ideas and looking at the design and workmanship of numerous builders.  When it was time to build our new home, we knew Sun was the right choice for us based on their quality craftsmanship and ability to build a one-of-a-kind custom home tailored to our wishes and ideas.  We now have a beautiful forever home that meets and even exceeds our expectations.  With the build process completed, we're also finding that Sun is true to their word in continuing to provide prompt service through their warranty program.  If you're thinking of building a new home, we highly recommend Sun Custom Homes!

Brad and Paula Nelson


Sun Custom was wonderful to work with!! Even during a challenging time of material delays, rising costs, and contractor shortages, they were highly professional, on-budget and always had a positive attitude. Highly recommend their team! Not only did we get our dream home, but we were happy at every step of the process.

David and K.K. Tester


Melissa and I have had a wonderful experience building our new custom home. From the very beginning of the process, everyone at Sun demonstrated a high level of respect and customer service. They are truly focused on sharing the vision for your dream home and then working hard to execute the plan to make it a reality. Everyone we worked with showed great attention to detail and the desire to always "get it right", even in the small things. They always kept us well-informed and promptly addressed any questions we had, no matter how small they may have sounded.  In the end, the final product is a beautiful and quality home that we are thrilled to call our own. Everyone likely knows a story or two about how difficult or stressful a complete custom home build process can be. However, we can say without a doubt that working with a team of professionals like those at Sun Custom Homes made the process as smooth as it could possibly be. We are so glad we chose Sun as our home builder and we would not hesitate to recommend them in the future. Thank you  Sun team—we love our new home! Thank you, Stephen Peterson

Melissa & Stephen Peterson


We really enjoyed building our home with Sun Custom Homes. They were very accommodating to the unique style we wanted. Any changes we wanted were easily made. Anything that came up they were right on top of it! They made our experience enjoyable. We would highly recommend Sun Custom Homes to others!

Lindsey and Cory Givens


Working with Sun Custom Homes was great! They were able to make a beautiful home for us. We loved the help we received on designs and how they were always on top of any concern that we may have had.

Chris & Amy Clark


We are so happy with our Sun Custom Home. While building a home can be stressful, Sun worked with us every step of the way to ensure we got just what we wanted. If there was ever an issue, it was resolved quickly and appropriately. There is no question that Sun builds high quality homes. We were impressed with the owner's attention to detail and design expertise. We would absolutely recommend using Sun to build your dream home. They made our dream a reality!

Brad and Courtney Thomas


For our first home building experience we were nervous about finding the right builder for us. After meeting with several contractors, we were blown away by the professionalism and customer service of the Sun Custom Team.  They took the time during the planning process to listen to our needs and come up with a house plan that was perfect for us.  The finished product speaks for itself. Everyone who has come to visit can't get over how beautiful our Sun Custom home is. They have continued to service our needs even after we have moved in and we would recommend them to anyone looking to build a home.

Matt and Jordyn Prince


Since our first encounter with Sun Custom Homes, our expectations were met and exceeded. It truly was a great experience. Our initial conversations about building a home, all the way through the planning and construction phases, showed us why Sun Custom Homes was the best choice for a quality home with attention to detail at an affordable price. We love our home and never imagined it could be so beautiful. It honestly is a dream come true. Thank you Sun Custom Homes for all your hard work and making our home the best it could be.

Eric and Angela Hamilton


 I was amazed by the professionalism, caring, and pride that was taken in every aspect of the build of our beautiful new home. Sun Custom Homes was an absolute pleasure to work with and always kept us informed, gaining clarity where needed. I will build another home, and it will be with Sun Custom Homes.

Adam and Jessica Ward


Working with Sun Custom Homes has truly been one of the best experiences of our lives. Every single member of the team was exceptional to work with. They all listened to our wants and needs and worked together to put our beautiful home together. We never felt hesitant to call or ask questions regarding the house which made the building process that much more enjoyable. The entire team at Sun Custom Homes was very personable and they always made us feel like their priority. We highly recommend Sun Custom Homes to anyone looking to build. We have a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind home and are loving every minute of it! We are so proud to say we have a Sun Custom Home!

Chase and Whitney Sandburg


I cannot begin to tell you how professional Sun Custom Homes are. We've been in our home for eight months. You know that punch list -- when they come in and fix mistakes after you move in, well you won't have one if Sun builds your home. The integrity, attention to detail, design and priority of making your dreams come to fruition is the goal at Sun Custom Homes. I have had the chance to compare homes being built around me now by others, and I cannot say enough how stellar Sun's homes are. This company-hands down is far superior. I am in awe, at some of the other construction. The lack of design and poor workmanship. I do not intend for this to sound negative, but it is so true. Please shop around. Compare! What I have said, I know you'll agree and you as well will want the Sun Team to build your home. We feel very fortunate to have found Sun Custom Homes. Always professional, always prompt to correct a problem or misunderstanding. If you have ever built a home before you know it can become a nightmare. Well rest easy...It was almost fun... :). Not your typical building experience. This testimony comes from a very discerning woman...That is obsesses with detail...I am very happy, you will be too! What a pleasure!

Richard and Billie Byers